In January 2019, the Langenburg Community Development Board launched a social media marketing campaign #whylangenburg!

The campaign goals are: INFORM, CONNECT and BUILD within the community we are living in.  


  • To increase visibility of Langenburg as a wonderful place to raise a family, work or have a business. We showcase our business, people, facilities, recreational programs, events, non-profit organizations and groups and much more;


  • To connect residents and the area with the town happenings by creating a platform for discussion, communication and active participation;
  • To create a pride between locals about the place they live;


  • To build an effective marketing channel to spread the word about our community.

LCDB created posts series (sub-campaigns) that are periodically posted on social media accounts to achieve above mentioned goals:

  • #shoplocal (businesses stories and people behind them);
  • #peopleoflangenburg (local people stories);
  • #liveinlangenburg (short facts about community well-being: tax incentives, job opportunities, clean water etc.);
  • #historyoflangenburg (short town history facts);
  • #livelocal (posts encouraging people to live local e.i. entertain locally, attend local events, telling stories what is behind of each event);
  • #langenburgtalks (interviews);
  • #whatsgoingonlangenburg (list of local events).
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Do you have a story or idea what you want to see posted? Please contact us.
Lina Petkeviciene
Economic Development Officer
P: (306) 743-5177
E: cdo@langenburg.ca
Juli Mitschke
Recreation Director
P: (306) 743-5176
E: recreation@langenburg.ca