Shop Local Initiative

The Langenburg Community Development Board has been running a social media "Shop Local” campaign all year round. 

This campaign was designed to encourage people to vary their shopping behaviours by buying goods and services at local businesses, ultimately keeping their dollars within Langenburg and neighbourhood.

The campaign goal is to visit all local businesses and showcase their services, employees and contributions they have made within the community, through our Town of Langenburg Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

Why eat, shop and hire locally?

  • Saves you time and money on trips. Instead of driving to the city you have more time to spend with your loved ones.
  • Your local shops and services can offer choices and options you just can’t get anywhere else.
  • Unique hand crafted items and fresher food are among the advantages.
  • Being a "local” at a nearby shop or restaurant can be a great feeling. Having a shop or service owner who knows what you want, and is willing to order the things they don’t have just for you, is a whole new level of convenience. Also, you’re getting to know neighbours, newcomers and helping to build community spirit.
  • Beyond feel-good community building, shopping locally has definite economic benefits. Studies suggest that each $100 spent at local independent stores in turn generates $45 of secondary local spending.
  • Strong local shopping areas have a positive impact on local property values.
  • Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and can provide better wages.
  • Community based stores help to sustain a vibrant and charming town center which will attract tourists and other visitors.
  • Local businesses generously contributing to local causes: sports, events, projects and charities  (250% more than big corporations!).
  • A brisk walk through your neighbourhood makes a nice dent in Health Canada’s recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week!
The Town of Langenburg's Community Development Board promotes the belief that by supporting and promoting small business, we can make a huge change toward a stronger community and economy.

Visit The Town of Langenburg Business Directory and keep your money at home!