Here you will find 5 ball diamonds, 2 newly developed full sized soccer pitches, a concession booth and washroom facility that are packed with minor ball, soccer, slopitch and a SESBL team throughout the summer. Some of the major successes over the passed three years include: Redeveloping Diamond 4 with more fill to keep it from holding water, updating and reconstructing the batting cage, improving the overall appearance of all diamonds and dugouts at the sports grounds as well as the development of 2 new soccer pitches.
Future plans include:

Freshening up the Canteen
Finishing the back fence on Diamond #4
Putting a fence on Diamond #7
Creating an over hang shelter on the front of the canteen
Diamond Lighting

South West corner of town in RM 181
Coordinates: R7MR+76
P: (306) 743-5176