Swimming Pool Committee

The Langenburg Swimming Pool Committee (LSPC) works directly under the Langenburg Community Development Board (LCDB) which was created jointly by the Town of Langenburg and RM of Langenburg. The Langenburg Swimming Pool Committee is comprised of numerous community volunteers that work alongside the LCDB’s Recreation Director. The Committee sets the annual budget for the pool, helps to hire staff and set wages, develops policies and procedures for the operation of the pool and helps with all pool planning and fundraising activities.
For the last two years, LSPC has been working to generate a plan for a new swimming pool. As of December 2019, fundraising is in full swing, the pool design, drawings and specifications are complete.
Langenburg Swimming Pool Future Design:
For more information on the new pool project please visit the Swimming Pool's website.

Recreation Director
P: (306) 743-5176