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The Town of Langenburg is an active and vibrant community located along the Yellow-head Highway 16 near 4 booming Potash mines.
It is just 10 minutes from the Manitoba border and 15-30 minutes away from beautiful Provinicial and Regional parks. 
The Town of Langenburg has deep and interesting history. The district was first surveyed by the federal government in 1880 and in 1959 it was incorporated as a town. Around 1886 the train station was named "Langenburg" after the Langenburg city in Germany, which prince, Hohenlohe-Langenburg, visited western Canada and recommended this area for a German settlement. Recently, our town and the "Langenburg" city in Germany, had a chance to meet each other!
Langenburg is known for its:
- UFO sightings in the early 1970's;
- Famous people (more information);
- 'Goliath' swings and pillar tile mosaic walls at rest stop by Hwy 16;
- It has a very active Arts Community and The George Layh Theatre.
There are tons to do in our town:
Check out our Community Calendar, as we like to host lots of different events too!  
The Town of Langenburg has so much to offer with its many businesses including unique places to eat and shop!

Check out our website www.langenburg.ca for a full range of activities and services offered by our community and "like" our @town.of.langenburg Facebook page, where you will find lots of interesting information about us! 
We hope you enjoy our lovely community!