Main Street Revitalization


The Town of Langenburg is looking for the new design of banner that will present our community and will be hanged on our main street light polls.

The public is invited to submit a design. 

Contest rules:

  • Designs should be in colour, simple, clean, and clear. All entries should be designed on a rectangle;
  • Design can be made by hand or with computer; 
  • Each design submitted should be accompanied by a written description of the meaning and/or symbolism contained in the design;
  • Designs can be submitted: by e-mail (, by mail (LCDB, Box 159, Langenburg, SOA 2A0), or drop off to the Town Office.
  • The deadline is June 30th;
  • Each design submitted shall become the property of the Town of Langenburg;
  • The Council will review all entries and will select the winning design. The winner will be recognized with a Certificate of Recognition and will become the part of the Langenburg history!




An Attractive & Vibrant Main Street

A vibrant main street helps attract visitors, create jobs and increase the competitiveness of small businesses, which are the backbone of small, rural communities.

Before making significant investments, we are planning to create a clear vision of what we (town residents, businesses and various local groups) want our main street to become. We will focus on various street elements (furniture, sidewalks, building facades, lighting, greenery etc), a variety of possible main street uses (rest stop,, farmers market, housing options) and marketing (town brand, welcome signs, informational stands). 

Project stages:

2019 - 2020 photo vision preparation;
2020 - 2025 implementation stage. 


Lina Petkeviciene, EDO
P: 306-743-5177

1st photo vision version: