Town Branding Project

What is branding?
It is a combination of the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that people hold about a location. It's the character, reputation, and the enduring essence of a place. Most importantly, it's a valued promise that must be grounded in truth and reality. 
Brand talks through a system of colours, fonts, graphics, logo, tag line, town appearance, bylaws, businesses, street elements, how residents talk about the community, and more. It helps set a community and an organization apart from others and support the town's economic development.
Why we need branding?
The Town of Langenburg motto "Family & Friends" was created in the 1970s. It played an important role over the past 50 years and built an attractive and strong community that we are all proud of. As the Town grew and continues to grow, it is important that our brand identity evolves and presents, who we are today and where we are going tomorrow. Our Town's new vision is "Langenburg is an active, diverse community where culture, families, and business thrives; and, everyone is welcome". It shows that we are growing and need a different message and look about us.
An effective brand:
- Create a uniqueness and awareness about the community
- Help to attract new businesses and residents
- Establish standards and consistency
- Create tourism opportunities