Langenburg Home Care Services

Home Care office is located at Langenburg Health Centre and its' services are available in the Langenburg and area. Home Care services are created to assist individuals to remain independent in their homes and have team based care that is centered on their needs, working in partnership with family and other caregivers. 


Langenburg Home Care in partnership with Langenburg Centennial Special Care Home offers "Meals on Wheels" program that is provided according to the need and is not based on age.
Nutritious meals are prepared by the Care Home and are delivered to people homes by volunteers at noon Monday to Friday. Those, using home care receive a nutritious meals too. The cost of the meal to the client is set by Saskatchewan Health Authority. 
All "Meals on Wheels" services can be assessed through Home Care Office. 
200 Heritage Drive,
Box 370, Langenburg,
SK, S0A 2A0
P: (306) 743-5005
Fax: (306) 743-2844