UFO sightings

45 years ago, The Town of Langenburg became an international sensation!

On September 1st, 1974 former farmer Edwin Fuhr faced an incredibly rare experience.
Around 10:30 a.m. then 36-year-old was swathing his fields when he saw five saucer-shaped objects on the edge of a slough. Thinking that someone was playing a joke on him, Fuhr got off of his swather for a closer look, but still kept at least 15 feet back. He says the saucers were hovering a foot off the ground and rotating at a high rate of speed. 

Fuhr stopped, backed up and got on his swather. It didn’t start. So, he sat there watching them hover, too scared to move. After 15 minutes the objects took off — emitting a grey vapour from underneath — and disappeared into the sky. They made no sound. The objects flew away so fast that they were gone "like that,” says Fuhr, clapping his hands.

When objects flew away the grass in the centre of each circle was standing, while the grass surrounding that was flattened in a clockwise circle. Also, the place where they landed became extremely radioactive.
"It was crazy fall. I gave probably more than 10 000 interviews. My head was booming, I couldn’t sleep at night. I thought it would never stop. People were coming to our farm from all over the world with planes, buses, cars. I had visitors from Australia, China, Japan, US. Even United States Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force showed up. I remember when I went to Regina Farm Show... I ended up giving interviews 3 days in the row. I got so sick and tired from all those microphones in your face, I didn’t want to make another one …” – remembers Fuhr.
The Langenburg incident came at the tail end of a golden age for UFO sightings, when reports of seeing physical craft had tapered off. Even more tantalizing, the Langenburg UFOs had left behind a physical trace, the circles. This classifies the sighting as a close encounter of the second kind.