Family & Friends Community Foundation

Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc. is a non-profit corporation with charitable tax status. It was founded in 2003 by initiative of Don Layh, the local lawyer at that time.

What does The Family & Friends Community Foundation do? 

  • Builds Endowment Funds
The community foundation pools charitable gifts of many donors to create permanent, income-earning endowment funds to benefit communities. The community invites people to support their hometown by giving cash, real-estate, stock, artwork and insurance. Flexibility is a key. 

If  your employer partners with Benevity you may be able to double your contribution to the Family & Friends Community Foundation by submitting your receipt to them for a matching opportunity.  Please consider doing this. THANK YOU!

  • Gives Grants
The community uses the income earned by investing funds to give grants to a wide range of community groups; the original investment is left to grow over time. To apply for the grant, visit their website. The deadline is December 31st.

  • Builds Community Leadership
Work with entire community, region, bringing people together from all sectors to identify and address local issues. 
Box 800, Langenburg, SK