Yellow Beetle Car

If you visit Langenburg's Rest Area you will see a yellow Beetle car. 
Here is its story:

In 2009 a group of volunteers that sat on a Langenburg Economic Development Committee come up with the idea of planting flowers in an old Volkswagen Beetle car and placing it at the Langenburg Rest Area with the goal to attract more visitors to stop at the town.
An old Beetle car was found in the bushes on Alan J.O'Byrne's farm. Alan bought that car in the 1970s. He generously agreed to donate it to Langenburg's Economic Development Committee. With the help of Mervin Kendel, the car was taken to the R.M. of Langenburg shop, where Mervin Tesch spent many hours cleaning off rust, repairing broken tires, and removing trees and dirt. Langenburg High School Students decorated the car with painted flowers.
Later this project was gifted to the Langenburg Community Development Board (LCDB) after the Langenburg Development Committee had folded. Many volunteers helped plant flowers and looked after watering. In recent years Sandy & Dale Kotzer volunteered to continue to take care of the flowers donated from their business Wine & Roses Greenhouse.
In 2021 the Langenburg Community Development Committee (previous Board) has decided it is time to renovate the car again. With the help of many volunteers and school students, the car was repainted in bright yellow to continue the original idea, and the word 'Welcome' was written on it. If you look around you will notice the word 'Welcome' represents the town's character and is part of the main street banners and town brochures. In 2022 an old Saskatchewan plate copy was put on the car to honor Alan J.O'Byrne.
The car is now attracting many visitors and has become a place for many travelers to take photos. Every season it is decorated with a different theme. Come check it out! 
A few known volunteers who helped with this project:
- Mervin Tesch
- Mervin Kendel
- Laura Mund
- Sandy and Dale Kotzer
- Barbara Rindisbacher
- Darius and Lina Petkevicius
- Olga and Roman Romanchuk
- Students: Karla Wondrasek, Ava Giles, Jenny Hertlein, Ried Wilson