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The Town of Langenburg and R.M. No. 181 is located in East-Central Saskatchewan on Highway No. 16, at the intersection of Highway No. 8 and just 15 km from the Manitoba border. Langenburg is a full-service community of 1,726 people that serves 5,500 people in its trading area. Within an 80 km radius, a market of 55,000 people is accessible. Growing Langenburg has world-class industries and focuses on creating the most competitive business environment in the area. 


  Langenburg is in the middle of the largest and richest potash fields in the world and is just minutes away from Canada's largest two potash mines operated by MOSAIC-Esterhazy and NUTRIEN-Rocanville that plan another 100+ years of operations. These producers employ approximately 2,000 people in the area and play a big role in this area's wealthy economy.
Agri-business is the second-largest economic driver within the Langenburg area, which has some of the most fertile and productive lands in Saskatchewan. R.M. of Langenburg 181 covers a 675.66 km2 with 113 farms operating. The main farming type is crops: canola, spring wheat, oats, barley, flax-seed, peas. The second biggest farming type - beef cattle.
  Langenburg has great health care facilities that offer efficient access to many health and wellness services. Langenburg Health Care complex, managed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, is the biggest employer in the town and employs near to 150 people.
  Langenburg is a service centre for surrounding communities, offering all essential services to the 5,500 people living in the Langenburg trading area within a 30 km radius. There are more than 100 registered businesses, 50 of which have storefronts along the town's main street (Kaiser William Ave.). Visit our Business Directory for a full list of businesses.


  • Good location and fast commute times;
  • A strong, diverse economy anchored in mining and agriculture;
  • Large employers in the area;
  • Daily flow of 2,000 vehicles through the town;
  • Steady population growth;
  • A "hub" service community for 5,500 people;
  • High standard of living. The median household income is $83,294 per year;
  • Low unemployment rate (3.2%) and large workforce pool with 41,500 people in the region;
  • Affordable commercial and residential lots;
  • One of the lowest commercial tax rates in the region. On average, commercial property owners pay 0.8 times (2021) the municipal property taxes of residential property owners;
  • Low business license fees, attractive business incentives, facade improvement grant, and forward-thinking municipality support;
  • Small town feel with all the needed amenities. Including quality health care, Pre-K - Grade 12 education, infrastructure, utilities, and high-speed internet capabilities;
  • Great and well maintained recreational facilities and a big variety of sports programs;
  • An extremely safe, welcoming, and supportive community with access to high-quality water that is one of the cheapest in the region.
  • Senior (55+) housing;
  • Affordable residential owner dwelling and rental units;
  • Specialty retail: clothing boutique, specialty health foods, microbrewery, food truck, thrift shop, gourmet bakery, houseware, etc.
  • Other retail and services: lumber yard, cleaning service, entertainment, and recreational businesses as CrossFit, bike store, etc.;
  • Healthcare and wellness: chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, optometrist, hearing doctor, spa body treatments, facial treatments, hairstylist;
  • Light industry: ag added value processing, indoor farming, flex-use commercial space development, general manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing;
  • Adult education centre/campus.
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Town of Langenburg
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