Langenburg Welcome Committee

By welcoming newcomers and supporting them to settle and integrate, working collaboratively and in partnership, creating a culture that is founded on respect, cooperation, and trust, the Welcome Committee works towards making a positive difference in the lives of all who live in and around Langenburg. 
The committee's goals are:
  • Provide programs and collaborative support services for newcomers to promote full integration, cultural diversity, community participation, and citizenship
  • Foster a welcoming environment for newcomers
  • Create a community that values diversity
The Town of Langenburg work alongside the Welcome Committee. This is a hand-picked group of individuals the development team has invited to work alongside them.
The committee has a marketing team, events team, and visitation team. If you are interested in doing this please contact us for information on your volunteer job description.
One of the best ways to integrate into a community is to get involved! We have lots of volunteer opportunities. Click Here to learn what it means to volunteer.

Let us know that you want to volunteer and we will help you find the right volunteering opportunity! 
Barbara Rindisbacher
P: (306) 743-3244