Richardson Pioneer Swimming Pool


Grand Opening ceremonies will be held Laff & Linger 2022 (Aug Long Weekend)

Where it all started:
  • 2016 a committee of 8 began the process of planning for the future of our new pool. After years of fundraising and battling how the group could "limp" it along another year, a decision was made - now is the time to start planning for a new facility.
  • The 40+ year old aging pool facility, cinder blocks that could be pushed out like a game of Jenga, crumbling cement beneath the pool liner, heaving cement pool decking, a failing boiler and dark, dingy, small, not up to health regulation change rooms was in dyer need of an upgrade.
 The process:

  • The committee planned and designed a facility that would meet current recreation needs and trends of all public users regardless of age or ability. The group wanted to provide a safe, inclusive space where people were able to connect, socialize, build friendships and develop swimming skills.
  • 4 years of fundraising - hot dog sales, raffles, cabaret events, gala evenings, pancake breakfasts, "pass the potty" and more.
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Make a Splash Campaign
  • Lifeguard Legacy Campaign
  • The 100 Club Campaign 
  • Municipal support - Town of Langenburg, RM of Langenburg & RM of Spyhill
  • We are 3% away from securing all funding for the total $1.75 million project - all done while navigating a global pandemic - COVID-19.
  • To review a breakdown of expenses and contributions click here.

  • Began July 2020 with removal of the old building and pool.
  • Completed in-kind with over $60,000.00 in labor.
  • Thank you, DJ Miller & Sons, Jacob's Construction, Aberhart Farms, Flamans Sales Yorkton, Diggers Excavating & Demolition, and the RM of Langenburg.
Opening Day:
  • August 1, 2021, we opened our doors to the public offering a spectacular - yet short swimming pool season. Our largest corporate partnership of $100,000.00 landed Richardson Pioneer naming rights for the facility.
  • The simple building design is built to last. The pool committee chose a cinder block building for its durability, low maintenance, resistance to rotting, natural disasters,  and fires as well as its environmental friendliness.
What is inside?

  • Wheelchair access doors.
  • Large changes rooms for accessibility
  • Trustcore walls - a plastic finish to lock out moisture, we will never have water damage, mold, etc.
  • Large windows with slides - to sell concession items & for off-duty guards to hear and see the poolside in case of an emergency.
  • Double sink - to have the ability to sell concession items and meet Public Health regulations.
  • Building completed by Jacob's Construction, Prairie Tech Electric & Rick Helmetzi Plumbing and Heating.
  • Polyaspartic flooring completed by Saskatoon Custom Garage- seamless non-porous surface. This is a huge advantage for a pool building that has a lot of water on the floors. It is considered non-slip with the additives they place within the polyaspartic solution.
 Pool features:

  • 0 depth beach entry - removes all limitations for anyone to enter the pool
  • Small spray features and slides are included in the beach area for small children to explore the waters at safe levels, building their swimming skill confidence

  • Twin Racer Water Slide - double the action, 30' waterslide, enjoyable for the entire family.
  • Sponsored by Mosaic & Twin Valley Coop

  • Lazy river vortex - a pool feature that creates a current allowing swimmers to float along or work against the current to build endurance and stamina.

  • Jr. Olympic lap pool - featuring 8 lanes for the fitness enthusiasts to swim laps as well as gives our lifeguards the capacity for proper training.
  • Diving Board - a 10' deep end allows for a diving board for swimmers to practice their diving tricks.
Other features:

  • Western Recreations pool design is a patented ECCO pool system that is certified and manufactures in Canada. This ECCO system is proven to be low maintenance and cost-efficient as it is built to last for generations. The 5' cement skirting around the pool was designed with crawlspace access around the entire pool walls for ease of fixing leaks etc.
  • We repurposed our shade structure built for the previous pool to allow for shade and shelter from the rain.
  • We have a kiddy corner with water tables for small children to stay busy playing
  • Beautiful lounge chairs donated by Churchbridge Credit Union - allowing for families to visit the pool for the entire afternoon
  • Artificial turf landscaping was chosen for its cleanliness, resistance to chemicals, aesthetic appeal, antimicrobial properties, reducing slipping accidents, and improves drainage. Project completed by the Turf Doctor in Saskatoon.
  • Simple chain link fence finished by Fencing Around - Yorkton.
 Nutrien First Aid Station:

  • In partnership with another large contributor $75,000.00, Nutrien holds naming rights to our first aid station as well as the sponsor for our "Save a Life" swim program.
 *Note* This is not the final copy
 Donor Wall:

  • A piece of history for all that contributed to the success of this project, a list of all our donors. We still have room to add if you are interested contact

We are still fundraising to pay off the pool. How can you contribute?
  • Participate in our ongoing fundraisers
  • Volunteer for the Swimming Pool Committee - Contact the Town Office today @ 306.743.2432 or
  • Contribute to one of the following donor suggestions for permanent donor recognition at the swimming pool
Make a Splash Partnership Campaign
Instructor Level $50,000.00 +
Lifeguard Level $25,000.00 +
Swimmer Level $10,000.00 +
Fish Level $5000.00 +
Minnow Level $1001.00 +
Lifeguard Legacy (Past lifeguards donate $500.00) 
Exclusive 100 Club (Donate $1000.00 and get your name on a special place in the donor wall)
Contributions are accepted by cash, cheque (Town of Langenburg) or  e-transfer
Multiple payments can be administered. Please contact us to set up a plan.
All donations are considered valuable. Thank you in advance for your support.

601 1st St. North
P:(306) 743-5118


Director of Sport, Leisure, Culture and Promotion

Joann McDonell