Function Rentals

The Town of Langenburg is an ideal setting for co-ordinating your next meeting or large event.
We have 5 locations available to rent!

*Rates shown are for daily rentals unless otherwise stated.

Langenburg New Horizons Seniors Centre
$75 for either Upstairs / Downstairs
$150 for entire hall
Non Members
$125 for either Upstairs/Downstairs
$250 for Entire Hall

Address: 112 Wells Ave E, Langenburg, SK

Gaylene Clay
P: (306) 743-2996

Langenburg Community Centre
Wedding/Major Events Package (Friday 8am-Sunday 3pm) $600.00 
Whole Facility (one day 9am-4am) $345.00
Main Hall/Big Side (one day 9am-4am) $205.00
Dining Room/Small Side (one day 9am-4am) $90.00
Kitchen (one day 9am-4am) $80.00
Dining Room/Small Side & Kitchen (one day 9am-4am) $170.00
Prior Day Set Up (9am) $200.00
A deposit of $250.00 which shall be refunded upon reciept of caretakers report & $150.00 (whole facility) & $75.00 (individual portion) is due to hold your requested date, and the balance of the fee shall be paid prior to occupying the facility. This will be refunded if cancelled.

Click Here to see the Community Centre Rental Agreement for detailed information on renting and the form that must be filled out.
Address: 101 Carl Ave W, Langenburg, SK

Town of Langenburg
P: (306) 743-2432
For cleaning, maintenance, and/or instruction
Kim Wondrasek
P: (306) 496-7401 or (306) 743-2676.


Trent's Place Gazebo (Centennial Park)
FREE (seasonal)
-Please do not leave parked vehicles in the park. All vehicles once unloaded must be removed and parked on the street
-Ensure that all garbage and clean up is taken care of by the person using the facility

602 1st Ave N
Langenburg, SK
P: (306) 743-2432

Party Rental Opportunities
Swimming Pool $100.00/ hour
Skating Arena $115.00/ hours
Trents Place Gazebo Free
Ball Diamond Rental $100/game

Langenburg RM 181 Auditorium
$75 for Auditorium (no kitchen)
Address: 102 Carl Ave W, Langenburg, SK

Jeanna Shaw, RM Administrator (Acting)
P: (306) 743-2341


George Layh Theatre
The George Layh Theatre is available to rent for your function or special occasion.
Use the entire theatre for a production or rent just the reception area for an intimate and interactive atmosphere to host your small concert or party.

$150 Sunroom
$375 Whole Building
$300 Theatre*
$180 Non Show Days

*Theatre rental includes the 228-seat house with stage wings, bathrooms, and rehearsal room.

Note: $100.00 booking deposit is required on all rentals.

Jan Fogg
119 Carl Ave E, Langenburg, SK
P: (306) 743-2458


Belgian Bowling

Come pick up a set at the Rec Office for a day of entertainment.
It can be played in your backyard, while camping, or between games at
sporting events, while entertaining friends and more! A great game that
can be played almost anywhere and is fun for all ages!
Price: $25/day

Town of Langenburg
202 Wells Avenue East 
P: (306) 743-2432

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