Marianita Czmuchalek

Marianita Czmuchalek - foster parent for 40 kids

A child who is not able to live with his birth family needs a caring home - family, that is able to accept the child as one of their own.
Marianita Czmuchalek is exactly that person who opened her doors for those kids in need and give them what they needed the most - caring home full of warmth and laugh. Over the last 20 years she fostered about 40 small kids, some very temporary and several very long term. 

"When my four biological children grew up, I felt desire to help kids which needed home. I love being with kids. But I planned to do this just couple year and never believed it would go on for so many years" - remembers Marianita. "The Langenburg school never knew when a new child would appear, but they were 100% supportive and accepted them all. Some had a lot of struggles, so we had a lot of drama, stress and lots of good times as well. It is not easy for them to come into a strange home and settle in. It is very gratifying to hear from some who are now successfully raising their own children and doing a good job. We had lots of practical jokes and skunk and chicken chasing and tons of water fights, followed by wiener roasts. It was nice to hear them laugh. Most had never seen a garden so when we dug potatoes, they couldn’t understand why I would buy potatoes from the store (because they were sure that was the only place to get them) and stick them in the dirt, then dig them up to bring them to the house for supper" - laughs Marianita. 

"I would like to thank my children for supporting me in this endeavor and accepting the foster children and helping out with them. The children came and went which was not easy for me to let go, but some of us foster parents were together for most of these years and not being with them was one of the hardest things to give up. Life goes so quickly so live it to the fullest while you can".